Rori Raye Scam

Is Rori Raye, a relationship coach, a scam?  It’s a very big claim.

First off, is Rori Raye a scam artist personally?

I haven’t been able to find any information that negatively effects the character of Rori Raye – in past careers or people she’s worked with or works with now. In fact, many of those who work with her, I’ve known personally and they have nothing but good things to say about this relationship coach.

Second, is Rori Raye’s advice a scam?

A scam is according to Wikipedia: “A confidence trick or confidence game (also known as a bunkoconflim flamgafflegrifthustlescamschemeswindle or bamboozle) is an attempt to defraud person or group by gaining their confidence.”

Does this description fit what we know about Rori Raye? Well, a scam would indict that Rori Raye’s information doesn’t work, or is used to gain confidence to further exploit female readers. I haven’t found this to be the case with the hundreds of women who have purchased and downloaded Rori Raye’s “Have the Relationship You Want”. Also, Rori’s book has a money-back guarantee. So that alone is a good reason to invest some time and find out if Rori’s advice is a scam, or if it really will do what it claims to do – fix your relationship.

In the conclusion, I don’t believe Rori Raye is a scam, nor her advice and I highly recommend you check out her book by clicking here

4 Responses to “Rori Raye Scam”

  • Gloria Barnes says:

    My feelings about Rori Raye and her coaching are as follows:
    Rori qiute simply gives advice- each one of us is then free to contemplate and use her advice as we like or feel.
    One of her principle points is working on what YOU want – in relationships , but this can be extented to every aspect of our lives and includes taking her advice.This means that her readers can literally ‘ take it or leave it’
    She is not responsible for what her readers do !
    I feel that she has opened my mind and am very happy to have discovered her – I have found much of her advice informative , fun , and innovative-

    • sknack says:

      I am reading her book as we speak. Everything she is saying in her book makes sense if you take the time to actually listen and absorb what she is saying. I can easily see how this outlook on life can benfit anyone that is willing to change, whether it be in a relationship or to build sef esteem. It is exciting to turn your life around and to be able to feel really good about yourself. Try it, it is an amazing feeling.

  • Linda says:

    Rori Raye is not a scam (why would people think that?)
    she is just a relationship advisor/coach like everyone else.
    Not having a PhD in psychology doesn’t necessary mean a professional is lying or tricking, even though you have a PhD, you get into troubles too (Dr. P**ll for example).

    I think her advices are good, and yeah, the entire point is to focus on yourself development and growth more, which is really hard for a woman to do when in a relationship, so she gives some techniques and advices to help people make progress.

  • Jaspen says:

    Hi, last week I purchased Rori Raye’s ebook, read it, and a few days later purchased her “Targeting Mr. Right” program. I am now on my second round working through both of these resources, and when I’m done, I’ll be purchasing her “Modern Siren” program. I am always extremely skeptical about online programs like this, but I am SO GLAD I TRIED IT! The main thing that I’ve learned from her work so far is to RE-CLAIM MY FEMININITY. That, to me, means relating to men in a way that allows me to be fully receptive instead of always trying to run things, explain things, teach things, and see to it that a man does his part. Instead, I’m letting go of all that, and practicing being more consistently in tune with my feelings, moment by moment, and expressing them with the focus on me – not him or what he’s doing wrong or not doing at all. That’s the gist of it for me, but really there’s so much more, and I’m only newly learning.
    That’s my two cents…….keep the change :)
    ~ Jaspen

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