Rori Raye Relationship Coach

Rori Raye is a relationship coach based in Los Angeles, California. Rori Raye is a relationship expert, and she can help you Have The Relationship You Want for a bunch of reasons.

Rori Raye is a trained coach from Coaches Training Institute, Rori Raye was a crisis counselor for survivors of violent crime (so nothing you could tell her about your life would shock or surprise her), Rori Raye has a radio show, she speaks at large, national seminars, she has classes and workshops, and she’s written several books – but Rori Raye’s real credential is that shes been married 19 years – brilliantly, to a wonderful man – and it wasn’t always like that! In fact, it was pretty horrible for the first five years of Rori’s marriage, and horrible in the same way all her relationships had been. Before Rori Raye met her husband, it was as if she was wearing a sign on her chest that said “I take crumbs.” Rori Raye was the crumb taking queen.

Rori had so little self-esteem and practically no boundaries at all – the only behavior she knew was to try to control and manipulate everyone and everything in her life – in a very sweet and smiling way. Rori attracted losers and men who didn’t want me, until she met her husband.

And at first, Rori didn’t want him. Rori Raye didn’t recognize him for the diamond he was. She was looking for crumbs, and he was offering her the whole meal! Finally, Rori got that he was great and handsome and was really ready for the kind of relationship she’d only dreamed about, and managed to, instead of sabotaging herself in the way Rori always had, inspire him to want to marry her. That should be the end of the fairy tale, but it isn’t, because Rori’s nightmare started soon after. In what she calls “those awful years,” we tried couple’s therapy, and it just made her feel angrier and more helpless. There was no sleep, no sex, she was anxious and miserable all the time. And then, suddenly, a light went on in her head. Actually, it was as though someone hit Rori with a brick. Rori got that it was herself. Rori Raye was her own problem.

Rori Raye has revealed much more on her website, as well as proven techniques that get your relationship back on the path it should be on.

16 Responses to “Rori Raye Relationship Coach”

  • Sonya Owens says:

    I just broke up with a man that I have allowed to take advantage of me for years. Cheating on me and even marrying someone else and not telling me. We did break up but ended back with him everytime.

    I have just met someone new that seems to care deeply for me and I him. I would very much like to end up with difference results than I have had in the past.


  • Susan says:

    Dear Rori,
    I was wondering if you could possibly give some advice on the following: what do you do if you’re in a long-term relationship (not marriage) that is going through a rough patch, but one partner does not want to try and make it work (“it should just work”) or indeed even to seek counselling.. how does one work through a feeling of “I can’t be bothered” or “I’m too tired of trying to make it work”. Any words of advice would be very much appreciated.

  • Pam says:

    Do you do any seminars in Florida and if so, when and where?

  • Jessica Gesselman says:

    i need your help. i really like this guy and i dont wanna push him away by trying to take things too fast but i know that he likes me. how can i draw him to me and make our relationship official? i want to make him drawn to me and i want to make him want me.. HELP.

  • Cathryn says:

    Rori – I am starting to feel scammed by you because you sent me something much lesser than I ordered, you’ve got my money already for the actual order i didn’t get and you haven’t responded to my emails. Plus you don’t have a phone number to call. I’m about to report this company. Please reply. I feel very uneasy with you.


  • Luncanu Alexandra says:

    i need some help. i’m in a relationship for about 2 years and everything was perfect…we were so in love and i always was so happy because i found him. But we started arguing about little things, every day became worst…and suddenly he realized that all those fight pushed him away. He asked me for a break. i was crushed, i felt everything was falling apart. After a few days of letting him alone to find out what he want…he missed me . Now we are trying to get back that perfect moments, that perfect days …but i feel he’s still cold and distant. I don’t know what to do…i get upset everyday because i try to please him and it doesn’t work. I want so much to get him back but i don’t know how to….can u help me?

  • Angelique Goebel says:

    I hae tried to unsubscribe to the Interview with the experts series following the info at the bottom of the pamphlett ie the website details but it couldn’t be found,Please unsubscribe me or let me know how to.

  • nadia says:


  • Lemonia Sims says:

    I am a very gullible and niave person. Too nice for own good. I people please too much to the wrong people just to have friends and to have guys to like me, but that doesn’t work and i know the right thing to do. I be so lonely all the time its bad enough that i have mental illnesses. I grew up without family and anybody to love me and i have been searching for a man to be in love with me for a long time. I keep getting the wrong ones. I have not been with a man in years i feel because i am now fat after i have had three daughters back to back my body is ugly. It just seems that God isn’t going to send me Mr. Right. Thats why i am so unhappy and depressed with my life i know that I should be happy regardless of a man but i don’t think its possible for me.

  • Jay says:


    I am based in London and probably dont have any seminers here. However I need your help. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and we have the best relationship together. the only problem is he doesnt know how to communicate with me and would rather forget and carry on as if nothing has happened. This is quite a long story is there a way I can email you?

    I am very down and getting depressed over the matter that I would do anything it takes to make it work :(



  • on pause says:


    I was in the best relationshop for the past year and 2 months! we met because be both play music, and have such a strong bond. He is my best friend. about 3 months ago his mom died,and he has taken on alot with his familey, having to help alot more with his 10 yr old sister. He would not always be able to do things that we wanted, but I try to understand the best I could if he could not give me the time I wanted. But I was right by his side.. he broke up with me about a month ago saying he could not give me what I needed in a relationship right now, and maby in a few months we would get back together. I gave him his space for the past month, then I just called him to let me know his fav. band was going to be in town. he called me back right away! We caught up a bit, and he asked how I was doing and how my familey was. I talked about how I was meeting my goals that i put to the side when we were together. But now I saw that he put on his facebook that he was out drunk in a hot tub with girls..Why would he do that, if three days before he wanted to see me and get coffie? (and that has not happend yet) I know I did not always get along with his bestfriend, and he has been hanging out wiht him more that ever since we broke up. He also started smoking again, witch he stoped when we started dating. What is he thinking? why is he giving me mixed singals. We had such a strong love, why would he be acting like this now?

  • Buttercup says:

    Hi Rori. I need to know how to treat my present situation. I was previously in a 7 year relationship. We did get engaged but it seemed like everything just stood still. We talked about the future and we had plans but one day every thing just changed. in the beginning we both shared simmilar interests but one day it all just changed. Mostly our fight was about marriage and kids. once we decided to have kids the day we get married but then everything just started to fade. We woke up one day and he decided that he do not want any. I was willing to settle for that but then he would say he want again. When we talk about marriage he dont want to discuss it. We splitted up for a while but then started seeing each other again we are at a point were we are living together but im not sure how he feels and im sometimes too afraid to ask(Dissapointment). When we are in public he would want to hold my hand. When we are at the house he really treats me well. He always treat me with respect and i do believe he love me. I think he might be confused or affraid of commitment. Im not sure what to do.

  • Amy says:


    I am in year 6 and I need help asking out someone,my friend likes the same person as me and has the courage to ask him for herself and he keeps saying maybe to her and I don’t have the courage to ask him because of the height difference he is one of the tallest in the class and I am the smallest.

  • Amy says:


    I am in year 6 and I need help asking out someone,my friend likes the same person as me and has the courage to ask him for herself and he keeps saying maybe er and I don’t have the courage to ask him because of the height difference he is one of the tallest in the class and I am the smallest.

  • bie says:

    i want to know more about ur tips..tq

  • Anita Krupp says:

    These people need to know that you work for a living. I am just amazed that people send you e-mails requesting your help for free.. If they would take the help that is offered on your website, buy your books and streaming video, there would be no need to ask for help, they would have it. Please people, she is a very good example to women in all aspects of their relationships. Get with the programs and you will be also. I just recently purchased her books and video about relationships and being a siren. I am a 63 year old married woman that has nothing but major problems with my second husband. Looking at her book, I can certainly understand why and how to fix it. I have already started and see a difference in less than two days. WOW! You can’t get the advice you really need with buying the answers. She has them. I think he advice is right on target.

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